The Max Barney
referral SYSTEM

Here at The Max Barney Estate, we have a portfolio of properties to rent ranging from 150 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft. If you know someone looking for office space, you can earn some serious cash.


So long as that friend ends up completing a lease with us, you’ll receive a commission: a full 10% of that property’s first year’s rent!

There are Terms and Conditions but, as with most things Max Barney, they’re pretty straight-forward.

  1. The person you’re referring to us cannot be an existing tenant of Max Barney.

  2. Referral payments are paid after the referred person has completed their lease with us.

  3. Commission earned will be calculated on actual first year’s rent paid (net of free rent or any other incentives).

  4. Referrals must be made using the form below.

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