The Max Barney Estate is a family run property company with a 50 year old history steeped in central London’s bricks and mortar. We are a business that prides itself on adhering to old fashioned values whilst at the same time adopting a modern and forward thinking outlook to our buildings and
the businesses that occupy them.

We take a long term and conservative view on property ownership and management. This allows us to adopt a very different style as a landlord,
we like to call it the ‘FIVE Fs’;


Five F's



Most landlords require a strong set of financial accounts and a full financial history from a prospective tenant. We know that's not always possible. With us, a six month deposit is all you need and you’re in!



We won’t have you twiddling your thumbs while the lawyers draft your lease. Our dedicated legal team can turn around your lease in a matter of days so you’re ready to go as soon as you want.



We don’t charge for a myriad of extra services. We understand it's important to keep costs down when you’re growing a business so we keep our service charges to a minimum and when they are necessary we’ll explain what you’re paying for.



Most landlords like long leases, that suits them but may not help you. We appreciate that if your business does grow your work-space requirements will change. We're happy to include break options so if you do need more space later we can help you grow within our estate.



Businesses are a bit like people, each with their own individual character, needs and wants. We encourage our tenants to put their distinctive stamp on our properties, to express their character and communicate their individual message.


Join the Max barney community

By becoming a tenant of The Max Barney Estate you will be joining a community of over 1,000 businesses representing a wide cross
section of industries. 

We are in this for the long term and we hope you are too!


Get in touch

All our currently available properties are here, or contact us directly to tell us your work space needs at or phone on
020 7583 5555.